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The Center is a consulting house, established in Canada in 1998. The registration number in Ontario Canada is 150960813 as a Master Business License. The Centre was also registered in Sudan in 1999. The registration number in Sudan is 38943 in accordance with Business names Ordinance of 1931.

The areas of expertise of Subsahara Centre are in Development, Federal Governance, Social and Humanitarian Programming, Peace Building and Conflict Mapping and Management, Human Resources, Water Resources, Capacity Building, Geopolitical and Geophysical Analysis, Security Sector Reform, Human Rights, and Risk Analysis for Subsaharan Africa.

The track-record of the Centre’s directors varies from engagement with the Government of Canada, International Financial Institutions (IFIs), the UN, International NGOs, Regional Institutions, and Multinationals to the private sector. The Centre has special and extensive expertise on South Sudan. This covers issues of development, rehabilitation, rural water resources, governance, civil society, education and conflict management. Several of the records relating to the 70s and 80s on south Sudan are probably only available in Subsahara's archives.

The Centre’s Operations are managed by Engineer/Tag El Khazin and the Sudan focal person is Emmanuel Duku.

Subsahara can draw on the expertise of several Sudanese, Canadian and Afro-Canadian associate experts. Subsahara has associates in Water Resources, Accounting, Banking and Development. They act as advisors to a variety of organizations including professional bodies and western institutions.

Among the recent and current Subsahara clients and donors to projects in which the Centre was or currently is involved are:

  • IGAD/CWARN consultations on South Sudan Conflict
  • South Sudan Diaspora Communities in Ottawa, Kitchener and London Ontario
  • Abyei Joint Oversight Committee. Sudan
  • Mamoun Biheiri Centre Sudan
  • The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Republic of South Sudan
  • ICF-GHK UK for the World Bank. Independent Evaluation of the MDTF-National-Sudan.
  • China New Era Group-South Sudan.
  • Pillars of Knowledge for Research and Studies-Sudan.
  • The General Sudanese Students Union-Sudan.
  • Transferring Communities Program-Ottawa Canada.
  • The Government of Jonglei
  • The Pillars of Knowledge for Research and Studies
  • Arz Nile Hotels South Sudan
  • FRIDE Spain
  • The Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DFAIT)
  • Heritage Canada, CIDA
  • The Canadian Senate
  • UNDP Mongolia
  • IRC
  • Mercy Corps USA
  • The Centre for Intercultural Learning
  • Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria
  • Stitt Feld and Handy/ADR Chambers
  • The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI) South Sudan
  • PACT of USA International Media Organizations
  • Conflict Management Training Institutions
  • local NGO's and Canadian NGO's